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Rich AF by Vivian Tu Book Summary

Upon joining Wall Street immediately after completing her undergraduate studies, Vivian Tu quickly realized that she was earning a far higher income than she had ever encountered before. However, it was only until she encountered a mentor of her own on the trading floor that she started comprehending the innate knowledge possessed by affluent individuals—the undisclosed strategies for outperforming the conventional financial system that has, for an extended period, been dominated by men, lacking diversity, and resistant to change.

Vivian leverages her knowledge gained from her experience on Wall Street on finance and markets to provide valuable personal finance advice to readers of all backgrounds and age groups. She aims to empower individuals to achieve financial prosperity, regardless of their prior familiarity with financial concepts. Vivian will serve as your mentor, providing straightforward and honest guidance on adopting the mindset of a wealthy individual and developing intelligent financial habits.

Within the pages of Rich AF, Vivian will provide a detailed analysis of her top recommendations to assist you: Optimize your income to maximize the benefits of your regular work schedule. Comprehend the distinctions among savings accounts and determine the optimal location for storing your funds. Discover the tax techniques and legal loopholes needed to retire luxuriously. Conquer investment apprehensions to safeguard long-lasting prosperity Furthermore, there are numerous additional benefits and features.

Rich AF will provide readers with the necessary tools and expertise to comprehend the financial environment and construct their financial strategy. By having the support of your wealthy best friend, you will be able to go on your financial journey with a mindset of abundance, effectively managing your finances and increasing your wealth in the long term.

Rich AF by Vivian Tu Book Details

Book NameRich AF
Book AuthorVivian Tu
Book LanguageEnglish
Release DateDecember 26, 2023
Download TypePDF & Audiobook

About the Author

 Vivian Tu started her professional journey as an Equities Trader at J.P. Morgan, specializing in trading stocks in the Industrials, Materials, and Energy sectors. Additionally, she also handled Event Driven Special Situations through the Risk Arbitrage division. Subsequently, she transitioned into the role of a BuzzFeed Strategy Sales Partner, where she assisted businesses in implementing comprehensive marketing campaigns across several channels.

Rich AF by Vivian Tu Book Free PDF & Audiobook Download


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