The Last Verse by Caroline Frost PDF

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If you’re looking to read Caroline Frost’s book “The Last Verse” which was published by William Morrow on March 5, 2024, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s available in two digital formats: PDF and ePUB. The book comprises 368 pages and can be downloaded in either format.

The Last Verse

Book NameThe Last Verse
Book AuthorCaroline Frost
Book LanguageEnglish
Release DateMarch 5, 2024
Download TypePDF

About Book

“This novel is sexy, suspenseful, and boot-spur sharp.” —Eli Cranor, Edgar-Award-winning author of Don’t Know Tough Set in the country music world of 1970s Nashville, a struggling musician writes a hit song that both promises her long-sought-after fame and implicates her in a heinous crime. Nashville, 1977: A broken heart.

A terrible crime. A song the world would sing. When aspiring musician Twyla Finch arrives in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1977, the nineteen-year-old Texan is dazzled by the fringe-and-rhinestones country music scene. Live music flows from bars, open mic nights tempt with the chance of stardom, and record label execs seek the next hot new act. As Twyla finds her way in this vibrant town, she soon falls for Chet Wilton, country music hopeful and son of blue-blooded Nashvillians.

When a night out with Chet goes terribly wrong, Twyla finds herself involved in a shocking crime. Hoping to process what happened that fateful night, she composes a haunting ballad that she performs only once in an empty bar. But weeks later, when she turns on the radio, she hears another woman singing her song.

Twyla must decide: Should she claim her ballad and secure the fame she’s always wanted? Or stay quiet and avoid implicating herself in the terrible crime she’s desperate to put in the past? Seductive and bold, tense and unflinching, The Last Verse is the story of a woman’s ambitions, obsessions, and determination to claim her voice.

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