DMCA is a popular online eBook reading site. Our main goal is to give high-quality, fast-paced service in a user-friendly atmosphere. We acquire books from the internet and place them on our high-speed Linux servers to provide a superb reading experience as well as a completely unique handwritten description. does not provide ebook previews or critiques to visitors until they purchase the book through our affiliate links.’s goal is also to assist people who cannot afford to purchase books for pupils who are financially challenged but deserve to learn. We guarantee that we will do our best. PREVIEW is offered since we DO NOT SUPPORT PIRACY. However, downloading from our server is strictly prohibited. makes every effort not to harm authors/publishers or cause them to lose money; if a visitor wants to purchase a copy of the book, he travels directly to the authorized vendor via our Amazon affiliate connections, and all profits go to the original creator.

WE DO NOT SHARE FILES. DOWNLOADING IS NOT AVAILABLE, BUT IF YOU FIND YOUR WORK AND WISH TO HAVE IT REMOVED, please notify us with good written proof and evidence. We shall take prompt action and remove your files or books within one business day of receiving your DMCA complaint. Your copyright infringement claim should meet the following criteria:

  • Email Address Is Valid
  • The proprietor’s identity

Copyrighted material links and screenshots Send us your copyright infringement allegation at scribedox@gmail with this information, and we will respond within one business day.

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