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Why Bharat Matters by S Jaishankar PDF Summary

 This is undeniably a New India, which derives strength from its rich past and culture and tackles challenges with the optimism fostered by democracy and technology. It is an India that embodies the essence of Bharat. This world is not only challenging but also characterized by constant change and unpredictability.

It is characterized by the influence The topics include the Covid pandemic, wars in Ukraine and West Asia, climatic events, radicalism, and terrorism. There exists Intricate geopolitical dynamics are at play, including the ascent of China and the altered stance of the United States: Russia’s strategic approach, the influence of globalization, and the potency of emerging technology. India aims to navigate these turbulent waters while maintaining its commitment to becoming a prominent global force. As a Vishwa Mitra, its objective is to promote the welfare of the worldwide South and make a positive impact on a worldwide scale. India holds a prominent position in global considerations and is prepared to accept future obligations. and potential prospects.

Upon entering the Amrit Kaal, one can observe a significant progress and advancement period. Remaining loyal to its customs and legacy. In his book “Why Bharat Matters,” S. Jaishankar asserts that India, like other emerging powers, prioritizes stability above all else. One must strategize to succeed in the face of significant uncertainty.

This procedure is remarkable since it signifies The revitalization of a society that embodies a particular civilization. Concurrently, he also elucidates the rationale for foreign policy in a The interconnected nature of the globe is becoming increasingly relevant to individuals in their everyday existence. This book is an essential read for any Indian since it provides a deep understanding and prompts serious contemplation on the true state of our society. It is increasingly evident that India is important because it is Bharat.

Why Bharat Matters by S Jaishankar Book Details

Book NameWhy Bharat Matters
Book AuthorS Jaishankar
Book LanguageEnglish
Release Date3 January 2024
Download TypePDF & Audiobook

About the Author

S. Jaishankar assumed the position of India’s External Affairs Minister in May 2019 and presently serves as a member of the Rajya Sabha, representing Gujarat. He served as India’s Foreign Secretary from 2015 to 2018. Throughout a professional tenure spanning four decades in the Indian Foreign Service, he held the esteemed positions of Ambassador to the United States, China, and Czech Republic, as well as High Commissioner to Singapore.

Why Bharat Matters by S Jaishankar Free PDF Download


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