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The Storm We Made by Vanessa Chan Book Summary

Malaya, in the year 1945. Cecily Alcantara’s family is facing a grave threat: her fifteen-year-old son, Abel, has gone missing, and her youngest daughter, Jasmin, is being held captive in a basement to prevent her from being forced into service at the comfort stations. Jujube, the oldest daughter, is increasingly enraged as she works at a tea house that is often visited by intoxicated Japanese soldiers.

Cecily is aware of two facts: firstly, that she is solely responsible for the situation, and secondly, that her family must remain unaware of the reality. Ten years before, Cecily had been eager to transcend her role as a housewife to a low-ranking government official in British-colonized Malaya. Encountering the captivating General Fujiwara unexpectedly enticed her into a clandestine existence, dedicated to the pursuit of an “Asia for Asians” ideal. However, Cecily contributed to the introduction of a more severe Japanese occupation.

A decade later, as the battle reaches its climax, the consequences of her deeds have finally caught up with her. Currently, her family is on the verge of complete ruin—and she is willing to go to any lengths to rescue them. The Storm We Made is an epic narrative that spans a significant time, chronicling both the suffering and victories experienced by four remarkable individuals. It delves into the harrowing realities of war, explores the complex dynamics between the colonized and their oppressors, and examines the moral ambiguity that arises when one’s survival is on the line.

The Storm We Made PDF by Vanessa Chan Book Details

Book NameThe Storm We Made
Book AuthorVanessa Chan
Book LanguageEnglish
Release DateJanuary 2, 2024
Download TypePDF & Audiobook

About the Author

 Vanessa Chan originates from and was brought up in Malaysia. Her short stories have been published in prestigious literary magazines such as Electric Lit, Kenyon Review, Ecotone, and others. Her debut novel, The Storm We Made, is slated for publication in more than twenty languages.

The Storm We Made by Vanessa Chan Book Free PDF & Audiobook Download


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