The London Bookshop Affair PDF – Louise Fein

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Book NameThe London Bookshop Affair PDF
Book AuthorLouise Fein
Book LanguageEnglish
Release DateJanuary 16, 2024
Download TypePDF & Audiobook

The London Bookshop Affair PDF by Louise Fein Summary

London, 1962: The world is on the verge of a nuclear war, but life must continue. Celia Duchesne wishes to pursue a career, but due to a lack of funds and qualifications, she works in a dusty bookstore. When an attractive American enters the business, she believes she has found a way out of the monotony.

Just when the exhilaration of a new love overwhelms her, a heartbreaking secret propels her into the murky realm of espionage. France, 1942: Nineteen-year-old Anya Moreau was dropped behind enemy lines to assist the resistance, transmitting communications back to London by wireless transmitter. When she was mercilessly betrayed, proof of her legacy and the truth about her acts were buried by wartime iniquities.

As Celia learns more about Anya—and her unexpected link to the undercover agent—she becomes more conscious of the ongoing efforts to conceal state secrets. With her newly formed romance taking an unexpected turn and the world on the edge of nuclear devastation, Celia must risk everything she holds dear in the sake of justice. The London Bookshop Affair is a compelling narrative of secrets and love, inspired by genuine Cold War events and personalities.

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