The Little Liar by Mitch Albom PDF

If you’re looking to read Mitch Albom’s book “The Little Liar” which was published by Harper on November 14, 2023, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s available in two digital formats: PDF and ePUB. The book comprises 352 pages and can be downloaded in either format.

About Book

Book NameThe Little Liar
Book AuthorMitch Albom
Book LanguageEnglish
Release DateNovember 14, 2023
Download TypePDF & Audiobook

 Beloved bestselling author Mitch Albom returns with a powerful novel of hope and forgiveness that takes us from a World War II-era Greek coastal town to the golden age of American Hollywood, as the intertwined lives of three young survivors are changed forever by the threat of betrayal and the grace of redemption.

Eleven-year-old Nico Krispis has never lied. His schoolmate Fannie loves him for it. Sebastian, Nico’s older brother, resents him for these two facts. When their young lives are torn apart during the war, it will take them decades to find each other again. Nico’s innocence and kindness are used against those closest to him when a German officer trades his reputation for honesty for a promise to save his loved ones. When Nico realises the consequences of his betrayal, he can no longer tell the truth.

He spends the rest of his life changing names, places and identities, desperate to forgive himself and those he loves most. Albom’s extraordinary storytelling skills are at their best in her first novel, which explores the devastation that lying can wreak on the world stage and in the lives of the individuals it affects. Just as The Stranger in the Lifeboat was about conviction,

The Little Liar is about hope – a breathtaking novel that will open your heart wide and fill it with the strength and goodness of the human spirit that lies within us all.” “Narrated by the voice of Truth herself, The Little Liar is a timeless story of love’s power to redeem us, no matter how deeply we blame ourselves for our mistakes.

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