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The Florentine Pursuit by Ernest Dempsey PDF Book Summary

In 1921, a valuable historical artifact vanished mysteriously, leaving no clues behind. Sean Wyatt is always hard at work, never taking a break. Even when he’s in sunny Florida to watch his friend Tommy Schultz give a leisurely academic talk, he remains unfazed. Curiously, upon receiving a notification from an enigmatic Italian archaeologist, their interest is piqued as they learn that the section of the exhibit where Tommy is delivering his speech might contain valuable information regarding the location of a precious European diamond.

However, as Sean delves into the clues, he finds himself entangled in a perplexing mystery surrounding the vanished stone, far beyond his initial expectations. The diamond was previously in the possession of an emperor, but now a contemporary European ganglord is determined to reclaim it. Before long, Sean finds himself constantly traveling between continents, pursued by a ruthless gang that will stop at nothing to eliminate him, Tommy, and anyone who aids them, all in their relentless pursuit of the diamond.

Sean finds himself concerned about the possibility of being outnumbered. Renowned author Ernest Dempsey brings an enthralling update on the beloved adventurers in the field of archaeology that will captivate readers right from the start.

The Florentine Pursuit by Ernest Dempsey PDF Details

Book NameThe Florentine Pursuit
Book AuthorErnest Dempsey
Book LanguageEnglish
Release DateNovember 07, 2023
Download TypePDF & Audiobook

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