The Autobiography of God by Lenaa Kumar PDF

If you’re looking to read Lenaa Kumar’s book “The Autobiography of God” which was published by Ebury Press on 18 March 2024, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s available in two digital formats: PDF and ePUB. The book comprises 160 pages and can be downloaded in either format.

Book NameThe Autobiography of God
Book AuthorLenaa Kumar
Book LanguageEnglish
Release Date18 March 2024
Download TypePDF

About Book

Are you a seeker, rebel, non-conformist and free-spirit? Yes? … This book is for you.This book is for the rational, the practical, the seeker, the non-conformist, the leader, the rebel and the free spirit . . . This book is for you, dear reader, to destroy your self-limiting beliefs and realize your full potential.

The Autobiography of God, as the author suggests, is truly for people from all walks of life; the rational, the rebel, the free spirits etc. Each chapter guides the reader to a profound sense of self-exploration. The lucid yet nuanced expressions encapsulate the reader from the very first page. The author’s resolve to provide retrospective examples from the deepest spheres of her life only acts as an impetus to self-realization.

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