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The Art of Being Alone by Renuka Gavrani Book PDF & Audiobook: Hello friends, In this post we will talk about the latest The Art of Being Alone book which was released on 25 December 2023. It is written by Renuka Gavrani. It is in the English Language. So if you want to download then please scroll down and click on the download Button. Thank You.

The Art of Being Alone by Renuka Gavrani Book Summary

 Taylor Swift once said: “The scary news is that you’re alone now. But the good news is you’re alone now.” The fear of loneliness has been present in our minds since childhood. We have learned that a child who is, sitting alone and has no friends, is miserable. In every book/movie, the friendless child is always portrayed as a weak character who needs to be rescued. No one wants to be perceived as a “weirdo”, so we are afraid to be alone.

We don’t want people to think we are unwanted or that we don’t fit in with the cool kids. We don’t want people to think that no one chose us. So what do we do? We start becoming the ideal version of who everyone likes. And in the race for people’s acceptance and love, you lose yourself. But enough is enough. The book is divided into two parts.

The first part is about turning loneliness into solitude. The second part is about how to take advantage of your loneliness and turn it into a period of growth. If you are ready to change your perception of loneliness and achieve your goals using your “alone time”, then welcome to the book The Art of Being Alone. This book consolidates my previous information on loneliness and compels us to read more have a life of proper growth and nurture a happy and melodious life.

The typical self-help book creates the illusion of help, but Renuka’s book burst my imaginary bubble and helped me understand the value of silence and solitude. If you are an innocent soul, don’t read this book because it won’t calm you down. It will be a powerful slap in the face to those who live in their fantasies and wait for the perfect person to come save them.

Book NameThe Art of Being Alone
Book AuthorRenuka Gavrani
Book LanguageEnglish
Release Date25 December 2023
Download TypePDF & Audiobook

About the Author

 Renuka Gavrani enjoys writing about her life experiences and observations. Through her words, she strives to make the world a better place for her readers. She wants only one thing – that when you read her words you feel understood and loved. He wants his words to feel like a gentle kiss. Renuka started writing in 2020 and fell desperately in love with words.


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