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Jenna’s parents finally gave in, and she was at a club in New York with her best friends, watching the famous band Avenue A. She had her demo with her, hoping to sneak it to Jake Kincade, the guitarist. Then Jake looks at her from the stage and smiles. She has never had a better night. Tonight is her last night alive. After a few minutes, Jake is outside in the alley when the girl from the dance floor stumbles out, looking sick, confused, and very pale. He tries to help, but it doesn’t work.

A person in the crowd stabbed her, but he doesn’t know it. When his girlfriend Nadine gets there, she knows that she needs to call her friend Lieutenant Eve Dallas for help. Once everyone at the scene of the crime has been questioned, lab tests reveal a dangerous mix of chemicals in the victim’s body. To make things even worse, the needle was full of germs. Dallas looks for a pattern: Have

any boys been making Jenna feel bad? Did she do something dangerous or get involved in something shady? There are, however, no clear signs as to why this calm sixteen-year-old who loves music would be targeted. That makes Dallas worry. Because more people would probably have died if Jenna hadn’t been targeted and was just the unfortunate victim of a crazy person filled with hate.

Random in Death by J. D. Robb PDF Details

Book NameRandom in Death
Book AuthorJ. D. Robb
Book LanguageEnglish
Release DateNovember 07, 2023
Download TypePDF & Audiobook

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