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    Ram Janmabhoomi by Rashmi Samant Book Summary

    A civilization that forgets its struggles is doomed to repeat its mistakes and fall into a self-destructive cycle. The struggles for freedom and resistance against occupation and atrocities too often fade from collective memory, overshadowed by the weight of oppression and systematically orchestrated efforts to erase Hindu identity through manipulated narratives.

    The sacred geography of Bharat, the cradle of the Hindu dharma and the ancestral homeland of the Hindu people, has witnessed relentless invasions that have left scars on the collective psyche. The Ram Janmabhoomi movement is a shocking testimony of the destruction inflicted on the roots of Hindu culture and the difficult struggle to recover it.

    In an age dominated by weaponized narratives, where perpetrators of atrocities are romanticized as victims and victims are crowned as oppressors, this book recalls the facts and uncomfortable truths: the blood, sweat, and tears that many Hindus shed to fight the good fight. It is a plea to ensure that every Hindu born in an age free of such trials and tribulations never forgets the sacrifices made by those who came before.

    If we forget, we will be complicit in the normalization of the destruction of our great civilization. Reshmi Samant’s important work includes working with the media, think tanks, and governments. Samant’s most notable contributions to world peace include presenting a comprehensive report on human rights violations against majorities in the British Parliament.

    She runs a non-profit foundation called ATMAH. Her first book, A Hindu in Oxford, became a bestseller within hours of its release. Rashmi has many roles. Besides being a spiritual leader, she is a businesswoman and the CEO of Punarnava.

    Ram Janmabhoomi by Rashmi Samant Book Details

    Book NameRam Janmabhoomi
    Book AuthorRashmi Samant
    Book LanguageEnglish
    Release Date22 December 2023
    Download TypePDF & Audiobook

    About the Author

    Rashmi Samant is a young leader with fire and drive. She made history by becoming the first Bharatiya President of the Oxford University Students’ Union. She frequently appears on national television debates, occasionally writes for leading national newspapers, and is a strong advocate for the human rights of marginalized indigenous communities.

    Ram Janmabhoomi by Rashmi Samant Book PDF & Audiobook Download


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