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Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan Book Summary

 Percy Jackson has saved the world several times, battling monsters, titans, and even giants, but these days the son of modern-day Neptune is hoping to have a normal senior year at school. Too bad the Greek gods have other plans and three new quests for Percy to complete. First: the gods’ cupbearer, Ganymede, has lost his golden chalice. This is not only embarrassing (why do the gods keep losing their magical items?), but potentially disastrous.

One sip from the cup will turn any mortal into a powerful god. And the old gods don’t look kindly on novices. Can Percy and his friends, Annabeth and Grover, find the chalice before it falls into the wrong hands? And even if they do find it, will they be able to resist its awesome power? …; Readers new to the Percy Jackson universe and longtime fans alike will love this epic adventure, full of legendary heroes, mythical creatures, ancient Greek gods, and an enduring friendship, from world bestseller Rick Riordan.

The gods never make anything easy, especially for Percy Jackson. This time, Jupiter adds demands to Percy’s college record. As if saving the world wasn’t enough (several times), Percy must earn letters of recommendation from three gods by completing new missions! In an attempt to help, Poseidon posts an ad for Percy on Mount Olympus, and the first god to show up at the school asking for help is Ganymede, the cupbearer of Zeus. Percy must help the god find the stolen cup before Zeus’ next banquet, without offending any of the suspected goddesses to the point of divine punishment.

And that’s just the first recommendation. This is the shortest book in the Percy Jackson series and is the best book I’ve ever read…. There were many things we learned from these books… This book was full of humor. Many people think we should read it after Heroes of Olympus, but there is no connection between them… This book can also be read as a standalone book… It is better than The Last Olympian.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan Book Details

Book NamePercy Jackson and the Olympians
Book AuthorRick Riordan
Book LanguageEnglish
Release Date26 September 2023
Download TypePDF & Audiobook

About the Author

 Rick Riordan (R/K), dubbed a “storyteller of the gods” by Publishers Weekly, is the author of five New York Times bestselling series for middle school children that have sold millions of copies worldwide, including Percy Jackson and the Gods of Olympus. It will soon become a live-action series on Disney+. His latest novel is Daughter of the Deep, a contemporary version of Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan Book PDF & Audiobook Download


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