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Orbital by Samantha Harvey Book Summary

 “Orbital is a short novel of epic power that masterfully captures the lives of six men and women orbiting in space – not on the moon or in the great unknown, but on our planet. These American, Russian, Italian, British, and Japanese astronauts and cosmonauts, selected for one of the last space station missions before the program was canceled, have left their lives behind and are traveling at over seventeen thousand miles per hour as the Earth orbits downwards.

Through their brief family relationships, photographs, and mascots, we get a glimpse of their lives on Earth; we see them preparing dehydrated meals, sleeping suspended in weightlessness, and exercising to prevent muscle atrophy; we see them forging the bonds that separate them from total solitude. Most importantly, we are with them as they observe and capture their peaceful blue planet. Witnessing sixteen sunrises and sunsets, and the sparkling constellations of the galaxy, is breathtaking and surprisingly intimate.

The same goes for the signs of civilization far below, engraved on the planet we live on. Orbital is a profound, thought-provoking, and beautifully eloquent meditation on the cosmos and a moving elegy to our humanity, our environment, and our planet. Harvey, along with six members of an international mission, transports readers to a cramped space station where the Earth rotates 16 times in 24 hours.

Through his eyes, we see typhoons erupt in the Pacific Ocean, packets of noodles float in a gravity-free atmosphere and continents sink. A meditative novel in which our changing planet reveals itself with a new urgency and its inhabitants with a new and profound love. This book will grow your knowledge very much.

Orbital by Samantha Harvey Book Details

Book NameOrbital
Book AuthorSamantha Harvey
Book LanguageEnglish
Release DateDecember 5, 2023
Download TypePDF & Audiobook

About the Author

Samantha Harvey is the author of five novels, Orbital, The Western Wind, Dear Thief, All Is Song, and The Wilderness, which won the Betty Trask Award, and one non-fiction work, The Shapeless Unease. Her books have been shortlisted for the Orange Prize for Fiction, the Guardian First Book Prize, and the James Tait Black Prize, as well as the Man Booker Prize and the Baileys Women’s Prize.

Orbital by Samantha Harvey Book PDF & Audiobook Download


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