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Nikolaos by Taylor Marshall Book Summary

In the heart of the Roman Empire, the elder Nicholas faces a supernatural battle beyond anything he has ever experienced. Melita, the daughter of a dead merchant, is on the brink of slavery as her family’s fate is intertwined with the demonic force that has possessed her father’s soul.

Nicholas faces the impossible task of freeing Melita’s father from the demon’s evil clutches and rescuing Melita and her sisters from shameful slavery. Will she be able to overcome her own insecurities to confront the demon and unravel the secrets that bind Melita’s family to a fate worse than death? As the celebration of Christmas approaches, the lines between faith and fear blur and miracles are forged in the crucible of despair.

Can love, courage and the spirit of the season defeat an evil that threatens the very soul of the Empire? Discover the origins of the legend of St. Nicholas in a way you’ve never heard before in this thrilling novel from the Sword and Snake series.

Nikolaos by Taylor Marshall Book Details

Book Name Nikolaos
Book Author Taylor Marshall
Book Language English
Release Date December 6, 2023
Download Type PDF & Audiobook

About the Author

Taylor Marshall is the author of 11 books, including five bestsellers in the fiction (The Sword and the Snake) and nonfiction (Penetration) genres. Penetration was once #7 on the all-time bestseller list. His books have been translated into Spanish, German, Polish, Croatian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Nikolaos by Taylor Marshall Book PDF & Audiobook Download


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