Loving Romeo by Laura Pavlov PDF

Book NameLoving Romeo
Book AuthorLaura Pavlov
Book LanguageEnglish
Release DateJanuary 18, 2024
Download TypePDF & Audiobook

Loving Romeo PDF by Laura Pavlov Summary

This small-town romance has all the right elements. We find a brotherhood/gang of amazing, gorgeous men with a little heartbreaker in the making (one of them’s six-year-old child), and in this story, we follow Romeo, an ex-boxer and gym owner. Demi runs a coffee business near his gym. Her family is like royalty in their small town, but she worked hard and used her trust fund to purchase the building, restore the shop, and add a small apartment upstairs.

Their first encounter, when he goes to get some lattes for his mother and grandmother, is not romantic; for him, it’s like going to the dentist because he despises her family. When he begins training hard for a boxing match, they begin to see each other more and become friends as she begins to provide him with protein shakes and food in exchange for some self-defense lessons. Demi’s hard work and friendly heart won Romeo over, and I adored it.

And what about Cutler, the six-year-old who resembles all of his uncles and can attract more girls than them? This series will tell the stories of all of them, including the enigmatic River. This novel is not a dark romance, but it does have some TW about drugs and attempted violence.


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