¡Gracias! / Thank you! by Andrés Manuel López Obrador PDF

If you’re looking to read Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s book “¡Gracias! / Thank you!” which was published by Planeta Publishing on April 16, 2024, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s available in two digital formats: PDF and ePUB. The book comprises 560 pages and can be downloaded in either format.

¡Gracias! / Thank you!

Book Name¡Gracias! / Thank you!
Book AuthorAndrés Manuel López Obrador
Book LanguageSpanish
Release DateApril 16, 2024
Download TypePDF

About Book

The recounting of what the six-year term meant for the historical transformation of the country and how the commitment to the citizenry marked the path of a new politics. “I am leaving, and although life goes on, I needed to reiterate about the past in order to better understand the present and the future:

there is no text without context and neither do political and social processes arise suddenly, out of nowhere, they are the fruits of a long journey, of resistance, of fatigue, in which many participate, who are, As has happened in our movement, the main protagonists of this historic transformation.

I am one of them, of the authors of this work, but not the only one; It fell to me to lead this struggle, but I was supported by men and women who forged a collective will willing to truly change public life in Mexico. To all of you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.” Andrés Manuel López Obrador

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