Cancel Culture Dictionary by Jimmy Failla PDF

Book NameCancel Culture Dictionary PDF
Book AuthorJimmy Failla
Book LanguageEnglish
Release DateJanuary 30, 2024
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Cancel Culture Dictionary by Jimmy Failla PDF

You may remember Jimmy Failla as the best-dressed man on television news. A positive energy force multiplier on the radio appears to be compensated in Tequila and Tide Pods. But he’s also a former New York City taxi driver who has spent countless hours chatting with individuals worldwide, including numerous planets you’ve never heard of.

Conversations with hobbits, whores, and time travelers provide The Cancel Culture Dictionary with the distinct perspective and ruthless self-awareness needed to escape the outrage era in which society finds itself. Let’s face it. Life in this country was significantly better before the smartphone arrived and rendered us considerably stupid. Social media has transformed our “shining city on a hill” into a Real Housewives episode on Bravo, with every day a political cat fight.

Weaponized censorship and runaway speech policing have made many people unable to distinguish between a comedian and a criminal. To be fair, they can be the same in some cases, such as Bill Cosby’s. But if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that spending the last decade with our faces glued to our phones has made us crankier, crazier, and considerably fatter, no matter what the Instagram Filters suggest.

This book is a compilation of dirty jokes and crazy characters whose stories take us to a world where we don’t spend all day arguing on Twitter, X, or whatever stupid name Elon Musk calls it the next time he gets stoned. No, it is not a real dictionary, though the author should certainly spend more time reading one. Consider it a crazy route plan to a period when life did not revolve around the Republican and Democratic Parties because we were all too preoccupied with The Keg Party.

And, unlike other works about the cancel frenzy, we’ll explain how the people who suffered the most from each celebrity firing were ordinary Americans who had nothing to do with it. Cancel Culture and the Outrage Era have lured us all into a fight against enjoyment. But, girlfriend, this novel is not a call to arms. If anything, it’s a warning to relax the hell out. So get in, close the door, and don’t spend time messing with the seatbelt. The way we’re about to drive, it won’t help you.


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